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Effective Ways To Improve Your Local SEO

Effective Ways To Improve Your Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. It aims to provide users with the most relevant results based on their geographic location. Therefore, it is an excellent visibility lever for all companies!

It is the set of optimizations that aim to position a company, a product, or a service for a specific request to a place on a search engine. Hence, improving your local SEO is essential if you want to increase your organic traffic locally.

In this article, we’ll discover how to improve your local SEO!

How to improve your local SEO?

1. Optimize content for geolocated keywords

First, you need to work on the content of your web pages. Google needs to understand what you want to target with your keywords. That’s why certain pages of your website must rank on local keywords.

Second, your texts should be optimized according to the most searched keywords by your local audience.

You must insert geolocated keywords in the body of the text, title tags (subtitles), and meta descriptions related to your location.

2. Optimize your Google My Business page

Google My Business page is an essential source of information for people who want to learn more about your business. It gives you more visibility in Google Maps and the top Google search results.

Integrating quality images that refer to products or services you offer is very important for SEO.  In addition, completing your profile in Google My Business is a good step to improve your local SEO. You must fill in fields such as:

  • Your contact details: phone number and address so customers can easily reach and find you;
  • Your opening hours
  • Your website: the URL of your website so that the user can access it with one click;
  • Your geolocation on Google Maps: the address of your physical store is automatically associated with Google Maps.
  • Your photos: this option is important for SEO. It allows integrating quality images that refer to products or services you offer.

3. Make your website responsive

Did you know that 94% of smartphone users use it for local searches?

Having a responsive website for all mobile devices, tablets, and desktop is essential for good SEO optimization. Indeed, today’s consumers are more connected through their mobile phones. That is to say, Google better positions responsive sites in its SERP.

4. Put good customer reviews

Reviews are important and powerful marketing tools that Google takes into account when determining the reliability of your site. For that, having good customer reviews is very important for local SEO.

The purpose of reviews is to collect feedback based on your customers’ experience. Moreover, customers always refer to reviews before buying a product. So if they are easily visible, it can make them more likely to purchase and gain more visibility on your website. It will help you get additional visibility and improve your click-through rate.

Bottom Line

Follow these steps to get started with local SEO and share your comments!

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