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How Digital Marketing Works - Everything you need to know

How Digital Marketing Works - Everything You Need To Know

According to Web Trainings, Dubai is living in an exceptional time of digital services growth, including digital marketing. Growth percentages of internet usage exceed 80% every year. For digital marketers, each individual of those users should have special treatment! And that’s why businesses tend to rely on a digital marketing agency in Dubai. 

How does digital marketing work? It is a complex question because there are different approaches to digital marketing. And each will work differently. And that’s why there are digital marketing agencies. They have experience and expensive tools to understand and practice each approach with their solutions and expertise. However, let’s try to break down everything into simpler pieces. 

  • Purchasing. Is It Always About Goods? 
  • How Digital Marketers Can Predict and Control Consumer Behavior.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Purchasing. Is It Always About Goods?

No, Usually it isn’t! A purchaser will want to buy because they want to feel/stop feeling something. If they are hungry, they buy food. And If they feel lonely, they get a drink, etc. There are always feelings and emotions behind each purchase transaction! What is the last thing you purchased? Why did you buy it? Do you feel different now?! 


How Digital Marketers Can Predict and Control Consumer Behavior

And that is another complex question because the answer will vary depending on many factors. However, let’s break it into two questions. Let’s start with how digital marketers can predict consumer behavior. The answer’s simplicity will surprise you; They chose to place their ads for the consumers they knew already! They can predict their behavior. The digital marketers know that Jack opens his phone daily from 15:00 to 15:30. That must be a break! They can predict the behavior of someone eating or having a drink. 

The other part of the question was how can they control their behavior. How can they force a viewer to click or purchase? The answer is also a surprise; They can’t! And every digital marketer you contract with will say the same thing. I can’t force your buyers to click the button, but we will do our best! Usually, they can make it happen eventually because of (1) The advantage of knowing and selecting consumers who saw the ad. And also by taking care of some elements that will control a consumer’s behavior if it existed already in an ad. Do you want to know more about these elements? 

Customer behavior

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We have discussed many concepts of how a SEO agency in Dubai will select its audience to predict and control their behavior for a better conversion rate. The other side of that coin is working on their clients’ media and social media profiles for better search results. 

Someone will grab their phone today and search for a service/product your business sells. What do you think; which results come first on Google, Youtube, or whatever? The most suitable word to answer is “The most relevant.” The search engine will show the most relevant results first. But how is it relevant; How to appear first in the search result? That is search engine optimization.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)