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How to Choose a Brand Name in 5 Steps

How to Choose a Brand Name in 5 Steps

Business names matter in Dubai for many reasons. One of them is having too many people from all over the world! Choosing a name for your business shouldn’t be a complex matter. We can get it done now! Yet, there will be elements for an attractive business name. There are facts to consider and things to avoid. Let’s get started. We will have the following steps in this guide: 

  1. Understand the Vision & Mission of the Business.
  2. Use AI Tools – Business Name Generators.
  3. Consult A Branding Agency in Dubai Before Approving a Final Name.
  4. Check the Availability of the Business Name.
  5. Don’t Forget the Website’s Name!

1- Understand the Vision & Mission of the Business

Yes, Apple never sells apples. Yet, the name’s relevancy is a must in other million cases. There is always room for creativity and having a company name that has nothing to do with the nature of the business. But there is also room for using relevant words in business names for other favorable reasons, such as SEO. 

Including relevant words in the company name or not is a flexible topic. Both can be right. In both ways, a branding agency in Dubai (or whoever chooses a name for a business) must consider understanding the niche of that business for many reasons.

Logo brand name

2- Use AI Tools - Business Name Generators

There are brilliant tools on the internet, such as BNG. You can search for an industry/niche in one step to preview hundreds of possible names for your business. Using such tools will save you from verifying the name regarding correction, grammar, relevancy, etc. And that’s because the developers of these tools have done that already.

Using these tools will brighten your mind with possible names for your company. Yet, you want to consult your digital marketers before approving the final business name. And that’s because many marketing and advertising activities will relate to your business name.

3- Consult Your Branding Agency Before Approving a Final Name

Digital marketers would prefer to verify the name you chose. They will use this name in scripts, ads, blogs, tags, and other endless details. Each marketer will have their rules for acceptable and unacceptable business names. At Panamedia, we provide a superior level of business name consultancy. Check it out here

Tips For Choosing The Best Brand Name

4- Check the Availability of the Business Name

Do not approve the name before verifying its availability in your market/country! Unless you want to waste money and time. Businesses within the same market/country must have unique names. Also, there are many AI tools to verify that, such as SBA in Spain.

5- Don't Forget the Website's Name

Some companies will finish every legal objective regarding registering their business names and forget about their website! Do Not Do That! Consider the name of your website as early as possible; even if your business doesn’t need a website now, someday it will. And you don’t want to end up with a difficult name to put in a web address.