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Ways to improve customer loyalty

How To Improve Customer Loyalty with Paid Ads

Running paid ads search is a powerful way to improve customer retention, which is very important for your business.

Why improve your customer retention?

  • It is much cheaper than customer acquisition
  • Focusing on retaining customers will increase ROI.
  • Help you generate revenue success for years ahead.
  • It helps you increase customer loyalty
  • Ensures the long-term health of your business.

Here are some tips to use paid ads for boosting your customer retention:

1. Build brand awareness among your current customers

If your current consumers haven’t visited your website in a while or haven’t even registered for your newsletter, this is a red flag, and you should take action! Besides, you can connect with your present clients and inform them about your updates.

You may build personalized advertisements to remind them of products they’ve previously viewed or bought by utilizing dynamic remarketing, which is among the most current innovations in Google AdWords.  These advertisements will appear on websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN) or on Google when people search for keywords related to your product.

Also, take advantage of Facebook dynamic advertisements by using Facebook’s Custom Audience tool.  It assists you in targeting advertising by locating individuals who are already aware of your company on Facebook. For instance, you can develop your current customer lists, Facebook or website interaction, or even app traffic.

Indeed, you may then deliver personalized offers to customers who haven’t visited your website for a while.

2. Keep your customers engaged

Some of your clients may withdraw themselves or only make one transaction.

In this case, special events are one of the ideal opportunities to put your remarketing tactics into action. You can even provide your customers with special offers & coupons. Create personalized ads for special occasions such as back to school, new year, summer, etc.

Also, opt for creating a remarketing list of customers who visited your site throughout the holiday season so you can create customized ads depending on the users’ tastes. You may also use that same database to send targeted consumers reminders every year.

As a result, by connecting with your customers on every special occasion and offering special discounts or coupons. You nurture their engagement and loyalty and make them always come back to your website.

3. Don’t make them forget about

It’s exhausting to lose a customer’s attention while you’ve done a lot to win them.  This is where retargeting can intervene. Make your customers remember you again and always get back to your website.

For instance, reducing your shopping cart abandonment is very important for your sales. Therefore, create a strategy that tackles the reasons why they withdrew in the first place.

Build personalized ads for the abandoned products to the individuals who have almost purchased and haven’t completed the deal.

This is a good strategy to make first-time or return customers get back to your website and continue purchasing what they have suspended.

The Bottom Line

If you nurture your leads, you boost brand engagement and customer retention, and as a result, you will improve the lifetime value of your customers. Contact us for digital ads services!