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The SEO audit is the 1st step in any SEO project. It’s a critical component of our process, as it helps us understand the current state of your website and your competitors. It also provides an idea of what you need to focus on during the rest of the process.

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SEO, when done properly brings massive improvement in the quality and quantity of traffic your website generates—that is, the performance of your web pages in organic search results. It helps to position your online brand to the right audience at the right time. Sadly, most brands forget to plan and audit their website SEO regularly. SEO plan and audit help you get the analysis of your web performance. We will help you create an SEO plan and audit that produces measurable results.

How It Works

SEO planning and auditing are done according to certain criteria to give you the desired results. Here’s what our SEO plan and audit look like:

  • Comprehensive

A good SEO audit should cover your SEO visibility performance in terms of structure and content. It should be able to provide all the missing pieces and a broader picture of your site’s current state. 

  • Understandable

What’s the point of planning and executing an SEO audit without making it easy and clear enough to be understood? You should easily understand how SEO issues affect your online performance.

  • Executable 

The goal of an SEO plan and audit is to give executable recommendations. It should precisely and accurately carry an easy-to-follow path. We are an expert SEO agency in Dubai that provides you with actionable plans.

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SEO Audit Will Reveal The Following:

SEO plan and audit help you get the analysis of your web performance and help you create an execution plan that comes with measurable results. The SEO plan and Audit show you the following:

  • Issues users experience while using your site. 
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Technical SEO issues
  • Issues related to your website structure.
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights
  • Potential off-site problems
SEO services in Dubai: SEO Audit & Plan


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