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Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Leads

Generating leads is a huge step in the marketing process. Producing leads, in both quantity as well as quality, is one of the most crucial goals of your marketing department.

Here are some practical tips you should focus on to improve the quality of your leads and accelerate growth:

  • Use a marketing automation tool
  • Optimize your forms
  • Implement relevant lead scoring
  • Create a lead nurturing strategy
  • Target keywords with high conversion intention

1. Use a marketing automation tool

Marketing automation is an undeniable strategy to save time and effectively reach your target to convert them. For that, you need an automation tool to increase the pertinence of your leads.

Marketing Automation Tool provides insight into how your prospects are performing in the sales funnel. By doing so, you reflect on the impact of your campaigns so you can grow them day by day.

2. Optimize your forms

Next, you need to simplify the questions of your forms to improve the quality of your leads.

Therefore, opt for a short and efficient form with few mandatory options, and avoid requesting sensitive data. The environment of the form is of great importance. It should be reassuring.

Besides, its placement and its graphics are essential elements. Finally, access to the contact form must be easily identified and accessible from the entire site.

3. Implement relevant lead scoring

You need to set up a lead scoring system that allows you to measure their level of qualification and maturity. The more actions taken on your website, the more mature it becomes.

Moreover, lead scoring should include explicit and implicit data:

  • Explicit data is the prospect’s information, particularly concerning his profile, profession, address, the business sector of the company, etc.
  • Implicit data refers to the information revealed by the prospect’s online behavior, such as the visited pages and time spent on them, the opening of newsletters, downloading, etc.

4. Create a lead nurturing strategy

This point is also necessary for defining the type of content and the offer you provide to your prospects. Lead nurturing is all about “cultivating” them until they are ready to buy.

To do this, you have to segment your sales leads and set up work tools to automate your lead management. You can also send special offers or share best practices, organize contests, and offer exclusive content (blogs, videos, etc).

Remember that the more personalized your lead nurturing is, the more effective it will be.

5. Target keywords with high conversion intention

You can target high converting intent keywords in your paid SEO campaigns. It is preferable to avoid general keywords, but define your sentences by attaching an action.

You can make a Google search by applying action verbs followed by your products or services. You’ll get a first glimpse of what your prospects are looking for it.

Bottom Line

Using a marketing automation tool, optimizing your forms, and reaching leads looking for action are effective ways to take your business to the next level!

Hence, if you follow each of these steps and dedicate the right resources and budget, you will get guaranteed results for sure.

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