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Top 10 Successful Businesses in Dubai, UAE

Top 10 Successful Businesses in Dubai, UAE

The business environment in the UAE, Dubai, is famous around the world. Besides, as far as the tax system goes, it is incredibly engaging with 0% personal and business income tax.

Starting a business in the UAE is very simple and easy. Dubai has always been great for business investment. The region has a perfect placement for foreign entrepreneurs as it offers several opportunities.

Therefore, if you are looking to start any business in Dubai and find profitable ideas in Dubai with low investment, Panamedia, a digital marketing agency in Dubai researches to find the best performing and most profitable business sectors in Dubai in 2020.

Here will give you a small idea of ​​what you can invest in the UAE.

1. Restaurant Business

The UAE has an insatiable appetite for restaurants. About a third of the population eats an average of two to three times a week. Additionally, 20% eat or order take-out every day.

Restaurant Business in Dubai

2. Construction

In the UAE, there is the construction of new buildings and skyscrapers every day. It is of high-rise buildings is therefore not slowing down.

Therefore, it helps to open a large door full of multiple opportunities for engineers, architects, builders, real estate developers, and for many other professionals in the sector.

The UAE’s population is growing wildly, especially in Dubai. It is required to increase as only ex-pats flock to the city in search of opportunities to make their lives excellent.

Construction Business

3. Photography Business

The UAE is known for its people’s love for holding parties, events, and various occasions, like birthdays, weddings, success celebrations, religious celebrations, etc.

Therefore, the UAE people need the best and most famous photographers in particular for all their occasions. If you love photography, you will enjoy this business job as it is both an enjoyable and profitable business.

To present your branding image, you can create ads for your services on social media and other platforms. It could be one of the best companies in Dubai for beginners.

Photography Business

4. Healthcare

UAE’s clinics and hospitals are striving to establish their brands online due to the importance of digital healthcare marketing as a beneficial investment.

Besides, the healthcare industry is growing in Dubai, and there are large numbers of people coming from Africa and Asia to the UAE to get treatment because it is cheaper than the rest of the countries.

Therefore, the demand for professional healthcare service providers has increased.

Healthcare Digital Marketing in the UAE

5. Beauty and Hair Salon

Here is another wondrous idea that is on the list of small businesses in the UAE, Dubai.
Beauty and hair salon for women who are interested in beauty, hair, nails, feet, face, and body services. Opening a beauty and hair salon requires a lot of special equipment for body and hair care. However, you must be a professional and have experience, so you will not need a lot of investment. It is one of the needs of everyone in the UAE.

Beauty and Hair Salon

6. Handyman

High handyman worker services are in demand in the UAE, and Dubai. Individuals are always looking for talented, skilled employees and reliable agencies.

The service includes skilled workers in plumbing repair, maintenance, and other electrical work so that you can provide many services to your customers.


7. Jewelry Business

You might have an idea that Dubai is known as the “Mecca of gold” around the world because its popularity among gold buyers and dealers. This city provides an environment conducive to trading gold, diamonds, and many other metals.

Consequently, it is a marvelous opportunity to start your business in making and selling jewelry, but still, be assured that this investment will be successful.

Jewelry Business

8. Bakery Business

As we mentioned, UAE residents love to organize parties, events, and various occasions.

Cakes, sweets, appetizers, and celebration materials are essential for every occasion or celebration.

If you are good at baking and cakes and have a passion for baking, it is high time for you to start a successful and profitable business bakery in the UAE and make money from your desire. Moreover, you can start your home delivery services.

Bakery Business

9. Cleaning Services

Cleaning is one of the most wanted jobs in the UAE because it is full of restaurants, shops, and hotels that should always be clean and in the best condition to attract the attention of customers.

There is also cleaning in homes and apartments, so cleaning is one of the best jobs that anyone can do because it is very profitable, according to the consumer niche.

Cleaning Services

10. Web Development

E-Commerce, web development, internet marketing, and online businesses are the most trending sector for investments. Dubai is the most digital city full of professionals and web development because it is a profitable business.

E-commerce, stores, and websites are increasing, and Dubai ranks first in the Arab world in terms of design, web development, and other related services. This business idea is an unmissable opportunity for you, especially if you are a professional and passionate about web business development.

Web Development


In conclusion, here are several simple business concepts and ideas in Dubai, UAE that could help you start an investment. Make a profit and be successful with the right experience then your business can grow by leaps and bounds. Contact us for any needs!