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Top 5 Engaging Web Design Trends

Top 5 Engaging Web Design Trends for 2023

There is exciting news for any web design company in Dubai. Your search for trendy website designs for 2023 is over! Here are the top 5 trending ideas for an attractive website that users will never forget. Some ideas are new, some are classic, and some is outside the part that is outside the box! Are you ready? 

We will discuss the top 5 trendy ideas for website designs in 2023. If you are a web design company and want to take your website designs to the next level, welcome to the correct article! 

1- Engaging Visuals

Colorful and fun engaging games/visuals/toys on your homepage will attract your visitors as if they are young children! An example of that is Google‘s dinosaur. It is fun, right? Consider adding bouncing ferries, balls, Tetris, Pinball, or any amusement game/feature just for joy! Users can grow a habit of visiting your website to play with it if it is fun enough! 

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2- Professional Screenshots

You will notice that the latest website designs presented by any web design company in Dubai will show screenshots from mobiles, tablets, or computers with the device’s frame. The screenshot will look more professional and attractive with a device’s frame. And there are lots of brilliant tools (Add-ins, Third-party, Online converters) to add frames to screenshots for modern web designs. 

3- Fixed Background

You will notice that newer websites have their main background fixed while the user scrolls another “layer” in front of it. Did you see that? It is a brilliant trendy design for any web design company in Dubai in 2023. In addition to the fixed logo in the website’s banner, you will have the chance to present a specific picture/message to the viewer. It is a handy opportunity to deliver a message to your clients, promote a special offer, showcase a seasonal product, etc. 

Modern Web Design Trends

4- Animated Theme

It is a trendy website design for 2023. There are usually dozens of features and third-party applications for users and designers to design animated graphic content on a website. Everything should move! Backgrounds, droplists, navigation buttons, etc. Newer websites will attract their visitors with such smooth engagement. Try Lapa or similar tools to get more ideas. And if you didn’t find your favorite design, you will find inspiration. After all, surfing categories will help you make your decisions. 

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5- Website Animated Bot Receptionist

A web design company can take its designs to the next level by presenting an animated bot on the website. An animated unique receptionist character to the visitor in a tour on the website and help them reach their goals in a friendly manner. 

A brilliant bot will help the company as it will help its customers. Reporting their experiences to the management can benefit a business in several ways. Database, engagement analysis, machine learning, and most importantly, it saved the cost of a human operator/moderator. Designs of chat and animated bots have been trendy and discussable designs in the last couple of years. And it is expected to stay the same as long as the growth we see in machine learning exists. 

Website Animated Bot Receptionist

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