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Best Apps To Make Working From Home Productive

Top Apps To Make Working From Home More Productive

Working from home is one of the options that many companies are currently resorting to now because virtual meetings are cost-effective and help increase productivity.

However, you need arrangements based on the right tools and applications so that more remote work is abundantly available.

What’s a Virtual Meeting?

Virtual meetings, also called virtual conferencing, are a network through an Internet connection. It is not face-to-face with people in the same country, city, or around the world. It allows them to see and interact with each other by creating a virtual meeting room with the staff and the manager.

Accordingly, our marketing agency in Dubai “Panamedia” researched the best productivity apps for remote working, which we will cover in this article.

We have divided virtual meetings into three different types that you may use:

Best Apps To Make Working From Home Productive

1. Virtual Meetings Apps

During the Coronavirus period, our digital marketing agency never stopped working. Our team worked remotely to keep it safe. These apps and tools helped us get more productive. You’re now ready to boost your home office productivity with these focused apps that include:


Zoom is a video-conferencing app for creating conversations, seminars, or face-to-face online meetings between two or more people or groups of up to 200 participants. 

It provides options to fit every budget according to the institution and is a resource for teachers and professors who teach large groups online.

With this convenient app, you’re allowed to make quick calls, communicate with people, and build meeting rooms by sharing screens and images during the presentation.

Face Time

FaceTime is a video calling app for business, for Apple users only. Whether it is Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, it is a convenient and accessible tool for social conversations. This app is not required to record anything by calling whoever is on your address book with similar Apple devices. A call then request will show up at their side, and you can also select who do you want to distinguish.


Skype is an app for video calling and communication, available for groups or individuals online to hold a meeting. It helps you connect with them regularly and be able to share screens to engage with the customers. Available on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It is free to use and can also be used to call numbers globally.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an enterprise-friendly video calling app that focuses on business solutions under the name Hangouts Meet. It works on Android and IOS. This app is a powerful tool for making group video calls and screen sharing as well.

2. Content Sharing Tools

Here are several of the best tools for sharing files on business platforms from home that will highlight the benefits of your virtual meetings that including:

Google Drive

Google Drive is considered the most used. It is one of the best tools for file storage, sharing, and productivity, as it is easily accessible for remote work.

It also allows you to save your files securely and access them whenever you want by organizing them. You can download or share them with anyone who has permission by creating a link for free.

Moreover, you can edit words and spreadsheets with others online, create projects and suggestions on Google Slide.You can also write and edit blog posts or create business documents in Google Docs and then share them.


Dropbox is one of the best apps, used as a cloud storage system. It helps you download files like photos and videos from the computer to the database, transfer them, or share them over the cloud, keeping them safe and secure.

It allows you to adjust security settings to what suits you and your team, ensuring that you send files to anyone of any size in particular. Besides, backup allows you to store photos, files, or videos on the cloud and access them via laptop or mobile phone.

You can access any file or documents in your account, even if you are not in a position to communicate. However, there is a point that this application might request you to scan files or documents and transfer them to PDF.


Slack is a communication platform that allows you to work distantly. It is one of the most common team communication and cooperation tools, mainly used by big brands and easily accessible for any team type. Although easy to use, it enables you to keep track of team activities at any pace. This tool organizes work-flow within the team, such as sending messages or voice and video calling to the group through sharing, editing files or documents.


Yammer is an easy tool from Microsoft’s suite of apps for team communication and collaboration. It is allowed to help employees communicate effectively. It also allows you to invite different types of collaborators as external clients. You can create different groups too, depending on the team or product. This app relies on the goal of gathering all your communication channels in one place, even remotely.

3. Project Management Tools

There are several project management software tools to organize your project so that it becomes simpler and easier to manage:


Trello is used to manage projects with complete efficiency for all teams. It has an easy-to-understand interface with a board and cards for links that make it easy to track and move tight. You can also keep your team’s tasks in check


Asana is a project management app that keeps all project components in a central location for easy access. It allows your team to manage tasks in panels based on lists with due dates, files, etc. It informs you of your and your colleagues’ tasks and you can also use it offline. Updates will sync when you return to online mode.


Basecamp is a project management and team collaboration tool that helps you manage and track your team and all tasks. You can upload or store files, keep track of appointments on calendar schedules, and share tasks with your team.

Proof Hub

ProofHub is a simple software with cost-effective rates for project management and team collaboration. Easy to use, rich in many features such as providing flexible options to manage your tasks by getting a built-in chat application, and spaces for meetings. If you are looking for an easy tool to manage your daily tasks with your teams, ProofHub is the right choice for you.


These are all the best and most used apps and tools that will help you work remotely, especially during the coronavirus. This has contributed to productivity, comfort, and safety, as it is one of the things that has helped achieve a healthy balance between personal life and work.

So be sure that if you are equipped with these work-from-home apps, you will get better results in less time. Stay informed about our blog and news.