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This is a great way to make a powerful impact with your audience. Video is the future of marketing, and we can help you produce videos that will get people talking and embracing your brand.

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Videos are an effective marketing strategy that helps brands to communicate their story to the audience, by appealing to their will and emotions to trigger purchasing decisions. The challenge lies in finding the right video production services that are skilled in producing videos that come with the strongest drivers of conversions notwithstanding the type of business or industry you operate in.

When it comes to hiring a marketing agency for your video production, you need a company that is highly skilled in what they do and have had years of experience and expertise.

Our Scope of Operation

Our video production services are done within three scopes of operation. We do this to ensure you get excellent service delivery. Three things we consider:

– Preproduction Stage: Every excellent project begins with meticulous planning and execution. This is when we collect all the necessary data from our clients to know the necessary tools. This is where we plan the budget, video objective, scriptwriting, shot lists, storyboarding, equipment, etc.

– Production Stage: Our next line of action after the preparatory stage includes the actual video shoot. We have a team that is made up of video producers, camera directors, video editors, file audio engineers, and production assistants, who together, work to give you an excellent production.

– Postproduction Stage: At this stage of the production process, your video production would have been almost ready for publication. At this point, we’ve got a team of professionals who brings their areas of specialties into work. A team comprising of an audio mastering engineer, the video editor, a file manager, etc. to do their part.

Areas of Service

When it comes to video production services and other services rendered by any content marketing agency in Dubai, Panamedia tops the league. Our tech-driven solutions and our years of experience produce unique solutions to customers’ needs. As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we provide the following solutions:

  •        Color grading
  •       Audio mastering
  •       Recording voice-overs
  •       File management
  •       Video editing
  •       Motion graphics

We’ll help you make:

  •       Educational videos
  •       Real estate videos
  •       Corporate videos
  •       Event videos
  •       Promotional documentaries
  •       Commercial videos
  •       Music videos
  •       Social media videos
Video production services


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