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Ways to Effectively Increase Your Conversion Rate

Dubai is one of the newest opportunity lands. One month ago, CNBC discussed the announcement of an $8.7 trillion economic plan to boost trade with the government. A business can sell sacks of sand if they tend to market well for them! Contracting with a reliable digital marketing agency in Dubai can open gold doors for many businesses inside and outside Dubai and UAE. And it is one way for your business to increase its conversion rate. 

Let us refresh our minds by briefly discussing the (1) meaning of the conversion rate and (2) its relation with earning the required amounts of sales for businesses. And (3) ways for digital marketers to help companies to increase that rate effectively. This article is short and won’t take more than a few minutes. Let’s get started.

1- What is the Conversion Rate? And How to Improve It?

Here is the best example to understand this concept. Let’s assume that: 

  • (Ten) persons viewed your latest advertisement. 
  • But only (Five) Of them clicked on this ad. 
  • That means a 50% Engagement conversion rate. 

Can we use the same method to calculate a “Sales Conversion Rate”? Yes, exactly. If we divide the number of purchasers by the number of viewers, we get that. Good job! It is an attractive topic, and you can learn more Here.

2- The Relationship Between Conversion Rate and Sales Revenues

It is impossible to find a direct relationship between a business’s conversion rates and sales revenue amounts. There is a relationship, but it is not linear. A healthier company with higher conversion rates will have higher sales. But why? And how? That’s why we need digital marketers. An experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai will have enough experience to analyze this relationship. Their management and reporting services will boost your awareness about what your ads are doing with the viewers to the max.

3- Ways for Digital Marketers to Increase Conversion Rate effectively

  • Professional digital marketers calculate complex conversion rates. As discussed earlier, this calculation method will help managers and marketers to evaluate impressions, engagements, sales, and all stages of a purchase/possible purchase. This analysis will give them a better perspective on what clients see and think once they see their ad.
  • Marketers will use their experiences to choose a better audience. Before the analysis, conversion rates calculations, and even placing their ads., experienced marketers will use their expertise to place their ads for the correct person, at the right time, and in the right place/platform. Eventually, that will lead to higher conversion rates because ads are to the proper viewer. 
  • Digital Marketers will boost your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Successful engagement with clients in all stages of a sale would increase sales revenues if a company understood the reason behind this success. And that’s one of the digital marketers’ specialties. They will understand what led to that success (That sale) and how to define this success for the companies. So they can repeat the process.

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