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Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing is becoming a requirement for brand durability these days. Additionally, to increase the engagement rate, you need to be active on social media.

Besides, it is so important to be present on social media. But the main benefit is to build strong interaction with communities.

What is engagement?

Engagement is the interaction with your community in response to your posts. The goal is, therefore: “like“, “comment“, and “share“. Engagement rate is different from the reach: the 1st will measure the reactions related to posts, the 2sd is the potential number of people who have seen the posts appear in the news feed. Indeed, it is recommended to know the different interactions with posts on social networks:

  • Like: It identifies a post on a social network that stimulates original interest and positive emotion in users.
  • Comment: Determine another level of engagement. Besides, the audience has to write a reaction message, either positive or negative.
  • Share: This means that the public finds the post is interesting to share with their community.
  • Number of subscribers: represents notoriety on social media platforms.

1. Instagram

According to Statista, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users.

Engagement on Instagram is about measuring audience interactions with content.

How to increase Instagram engagement?

Understand your audience

One of the most popular techniques is knowing the audience, which is one of the keys to success. Target audience demographics, characteristics, and needs will help define the type of content you post, brand voice, the center of interest, and even the days and times of publication.

Generate professional content

It is essential to post quality content. Visuals or photos that will more engage users. Therefore, it is best to have a high-grade camera to take excellent quality photos, use filters and colors.

Share video content

Furthermore, video content has become more popular thanks to stories, IGTV, Live, and reels on Instagram. It is essential for improving digital accessibility. You also have the option of using sound to build your brand on your account. As a result, posts with video receive around 38% more engagement than photos.

Include trending hashtags

Hashtags are essential to boost the visibility of publications. The use of it is an element more used by brands and influencers to increase posts’ visibility. You have to use it effectively. In addition, they allow reaching a wider audience beyond the current community. More, it helps users find the content that interests them by doing keyword research and following specific hashtags. It is possible to use up to 30 hashtags, but it is recommended to prefer quality over quantity.

Host a contest

Contests are another great way to build awareness of your brand. In addition to increased brand awareness, contests on Instagram have proven to increase engagement rates.

Use stories

According to a study, Half a billion people use stories every day. Plus, 62% of users say they became more interested in a brand or product after viewing it in stories. They appear both on the homepage and in searches, then it is possible to add hashtags to stories to have more visibility.
  • Write powerful captions
  • Reply to questions and comments.
  • Create custom stickers and filters
  • Go live
  • Publish carousels
  • Boost your publications
  • Build relationships with social influencers
  • Choose the best time to post

2. Facebook

Facebook engagement is the reach of your posts on the page you manage. Besides, it is the number of users who liked, shared, commented, clicked on your post, or even read an article out of the total number of people who viewed that post.

How to increase Facebook engagement?

  • Utilize visuals
  • Set up a Questions & Answers event
  • Use storytelling
  • Interact with audience
  • Schedule publications on page
  • Organize contests
  • Collect votes with Like v.s Share
  • Sponsor posts & advertise
  • Employing video in Facebook’s marketing strategy
  • Create a Facebook group
  • Posting on the Facebook page at the right time

3. LinkedIn

Getting many businesses engaged on LinkedIn is a genuine quest. It is a professional social network used by recruiters, salespeople, and business people, who they use for their jobs.

How to increase LinkedIn engagement?

Generate engagement with publications

  • Publish short posts to promote engagement.
  • Insert a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Including a link generates twice the engagement
  • Ask questions about the interest of the community to generate feedback.
  • Add an image in each article
  • Use images with a visual that captures the attention of rich media (infographics, etc).
  • Include videos to get more shares: for example, the links from Youtube allow you to watch the video directly from the news feed. 

Optimize strategy on LinkedIn

  • Create an editorial publication calendar.
  • Keep flexibility to react to events, trends, and opportunities.

Analyze statistics on LinkedIn

  • Analyze performance to learn lessons with statistical monitoring tools.
  • Identify the optimal days, times to post to get the best engagement rates.

Post articles celebrating a happy event

Publishing anniversary articles, celebrations (inaugurations, recruitments, etc.). This method enhances the professional position by allowing relationships to share with you the emotions invaded by this successor this promotion.

Sponsor posts

LinkedIn proposes various ad types: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, and Carousel Ads. Choose the right time to publish

4. Twitter

Twitter engagement is each type of interaction someone has with a tweet.

How to increase Twitter engagement?

  • Publish visual content
  • Experiment with polls
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Run a subscriber campaign
  • Launch an advertising campaign
  • Share the top-performing content more than once
  • Choose the right time to publish

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest social media, with higher than 2 billion monthly active users.

Likewise, with YouTube, marketers can present unique content that is easy to watch and share.

How to increase YouTube engagement?

  • Create custom thumbnails
  • Improve video and audio quality
  • Make better trailers for the channel
  • Respond to comments
  • Use better CTAs
  • Promotion of events
  • Podcasts
  • Live YouTube
  • Customer testimonial
  • Add subtitles in other languages
  • Embed subscription buttons on your blog
  • Optimize video description for SEO
  • Publish at strategic times

6. Pinterest

Pinterest engagement has become increasingly important in the proper distribution of your Pins. Pinterest marketing is an excellent method to showcase business and gain visibility and brand awareness.

How to increase Pinterest engagement?

  • Optimize your posting calendar for maximum engagement

–  Create multiple tables related to your brand

–  Use long images to stand out on paintings

–  Reach out to fans who liked a product by offering assistance in purchasing the item

–  Offer a thank you to subscribers via a personalized message to re-pin one of your pins

–  Establish sponsored ads

  • Design quality pins

–  Compose stunning boards with quality images that your followers can click that lead to your blog and product pages.

  • Organize a competition

–  Host a contest to enhance sharing and attract new customers.

  • Suggest ideas and tips

–  Pinterest is known for its tips and advice for daily life.  

  • Share story
  • Add a “Pin it” button to your blog
  • Publish at the best time